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I thought it might be a good time to create a section to answer some of the most frequently asked questions.

Is Pitstop Cafe halal certified?
We are not halal certified because it is a complicated process. However we do not serve pork and our food suppliers are halal certified. In summary, no halal but no pork.

Why don't we have a game menu?
We realize that game menu is pretty useless. Most of the games have description that sound nicer that it actually this. Furthermore some of the board games could be pretty complicated to learn for those who are new to board games. Hence for a better gaming experience, we would normally ask you for the type of games that you like and recommend something that is popular and suitable to your group.

hmmm I got to think through what are the other interesting common questions. At the meantime, if you have a interesting questions about Pitstop Cafe, do leave a comment!

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Anonymous said...

its mentioned that the food supplier is halal certified... is that for all the food?

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