Why do we eat log cakes on Christmas?

Ever wonder why do people eat log cakes during Christmas instead of a Santa Claus cake? Here is the story...

Once upon a time, there lived a man named Santa Claus. Santa was thin and scrawny, a bit like me and was doing this startup of giving presents to the kids. Life was tough as he had to trek over miles with a gunny sack just to deliver presents to the kids. The startup become successful and more kids started to ask for presents. Even after removing the bad kids, there were still way too many kids for him to handle.

The magic oak tree saw this and said to Santa, "I will sacrifice for you. Chop me down and use the wood to make yourself a flying sleigh so that you don't have to carry all the presents." The rest is history. Rudolph the Red-Nosed reindeer and his gang got hired to pull the sleigh. Santa Claus from then on flies and uses the chimney instead and due to the lack of exercise, he also put on more weight. Look at his tummy and you know what I mean.

As time progresses, we don't see much of Santa Claus anymore. The reason is that globalization has placed too much of demand on him. Though reindeers are not linked to the price of diesel, the cost of ERP and the financial crisis had resulted in Santa Claus cutting down on his travelling expense. In fact I heard that Santa Claus will be retrenching some of the reindeers too and outsource the job of giving presents to us. This is also why you see crazy crowd doing Christmas presents shopping at Orchard Road.

Last but not least, we would also eat log cakes to remember the sacrifice made by the magic oak tree and at the same time shout out,

Merry Christmas!


The end.

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