Review of Pitstop Cafe at Youth.sg

Running the cafe has always been tough especially when all of us are either working or studying. We know that there are various areas that we need to work on an further improve ourselves such as better service, more variety of food and drinks, more games, how to attract girls in wet tees, and so on...

Believe us, we are not resting on our cushions. We are constantly thinking of what other cool and fun stuffs we could do to make sure you guys had a great time at Pitstop. But sometimes bo bian due to both time and $$$ constraints.

With that said, it is always encouraging when folks blog about us! Today we receive a really nice review from Youth.sg. Check it out!


I like to thank Cassandra and Kai Yan from Youth.sg for their kind review on Pitstop Cafe.

Of course must also thank the hardworking Pitstop crew for all their smiles and laughters and their passion in making Pitstop Cafe a fun and happening place.

As a reward, how about me in wet tees?

Pitstop Cafe, be part of the fun!



marina said...

Read their review and saw the yummylicious pictures of the food. I'm really tempted to go and eat the fish and chips as well as have a lovely time with my friends there :D

But err ... is it halal?

pitstop said...

we do not have halal cert but we do not sell pork. our suppliers are halal certify though.

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