5 cool things about board games

Since we run a board game café, most folks assume that all of us must be hardcore board gamers. Actually this isn’t the case. For me, I still enjoy other stuff like sports, pool, bowling and video games on my PS2.

However board games do have some very interesting aspects. I am going to share with you my top 5 reasons why I find board games amazing. By the way when I say board games, I do not refer to only games like Monopoly or Risk but rather it includes a wide range of Euro games, or what some term as designer games.

Reason 1: Simply Gorgeous

The artworks of some of the games are simply chio! They are really beautiful and highly detailed. I don’t mean only the cover of the board games, but rather every single aspect, from the board of the game itself to all the individual components like the figurines, cards, checkers and even the rulebook. In this area, games from Days of Wonder definitely win the competitions hands down.

Interesting game of Shadows over Camelot

BattleLore, on the shelf but still have not got the time to give this epic production a try!

Simply stunning artwork from cover to the actual board game itself. Wait till you see some of the rulebooks!

Reason 2: Interesting and Diversify Themes

Most board games have very interesting themes that allows player to transcend into different roles. You could be building tunnels looking for gold in the game of Saboteur, directing the next movie hit in Hollywood Blockbuster, building railway tracks in Ticket to Ride or even growing corn and indigo plantations in Puerto Rico.

Be a monk at the monastery and uncover the murderer in the game of Mystery of the Abbey

Reason 3: Simple and Elegant

This is what I find amazing about board games. By using only simple stuff like cards, tiles or checkers, these ingenious board game designers can create interesting games that are lots of fun, challenging and engaging. If you think board games are just about throwing dice and moving pieces around the board, you really got to try out of some of the more advance board games to truly appreciate the beauty behind these games.

With lots of creativiy, even simple tiles and little bits and pieces can be use to create one of the top board games, Puerto Rico. My favourite!

Reason 4: Various Genres

You could play games that involve dexterity like Jenga or Halli Galli Extreme. You could show off your talking crap skill in games like Apples to Apples or Once upon a Time. For those who want more meat, you could try out games in other genres like negotiating (I'm the Boss), auctioning (Modern Art), resource planning, and many others.

If making animal sounds is what you like, Snorta is definitely the game for you!

For folks who like to sabo people should try out a game of Saboteur!

Reason 5: Engaging and Fun!

While there are many activities that you can do together with your friends, I think board games offer a very interesting alternative. Often most folks come in not knowing what to expect in a board game café. After some introduction, everyone can easily get into the action and start having lots of fun together. There are lots of interactions and laughter as folks start to get the hang of the game and that to me is very satisfactory. Check out the video clip on some of the action in a very funny game called Imaginiff. It is basically a game to see what you think your friends would do in different funny scenarios…

Watch here

There you go, the little things about board games that attracts me. So if Monopoly is the only board game you have tried, do take a look beyond that and you will be surprise by what you find!

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Palm Springs Savant said...

fun post. I just did a list today of my favorite board games while growing up. stop by and weigh in with your opinions!


Anonymous said...

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