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Recently we had some enquiries on how much does one needs to pay for a membership at Pitstop Cafe. I am really happy at the positive response for the Pitstop Mini. Most of you might have realized that the Pitstop Mini isn't exactly for sale. You don't exactly pay money for it. We give out our membership selectively instead.

All you need is to accumulate $100 in reciept within a month and you get it for free. If you think about it, it is pretty easy. Some of the folks get it at their first visit while others get it by their second visit within the month.

A few folks will begin to think that it is some marketing stuff to get people to spend more or perhaps come back again within the next few weeks. Surprisingly this isn't exactly the case. Rather it was meant as a small token of appreciation...

In our early days, we really had a lot of support from friends as well as folks that come to our cafe regularly. Some of them visited us almost weekly, bringing and introducing new friends to the cafe. That support really meant alot to us considering that we are pretty small and new and has really tight constraints in budget to do any advertising.

Hence when we first introduce the Pitstop Mini, the first thought was to send one to all these regulars. Since then our philosophy on the membership card was to give it as a small token of appreciation for all the great support more than anything else.

Yup there you go, some little facts on the Pitstop Mini.

Yeah our cool Pitstop Mini!

It is easy to figure out that the front of the Pitstop Mini is actually the staircase leading up to the cafe.

Interestig back view

So the trivial detour of the day is:

What is the picture at the back of the Pitstop Mini?

Also for some of you folks who has been chalking up serious amount of Pitstop Dollar, why don't you redeem them? The idea is to reward you guys rather than just keep accumulating the points in your Pitstop account. If you have any suggestions on the items that you would like to add to the redeemption list, drop us a comment too!


Yup some of you might guess it. The back picture is actually the ceiling of the staircase leading up to Pitstop Cafe.

Pitstop Cafe, be part of the fun



DK said...

I thought u asked that question before?

Its the lights on the ceiling?

patricia said...

lights of big advert boards.

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