Trivial Detour of the Day

Greetings from Washington DC. It has been a tiring week out here and it will be over soon! phew! Overseas business trips sure has its perks like exposure to business in different cultures, free flyer miles and of course good wine and steak!

Doing trade shows can be really demanding physically due to standing for long hours and late night dinner. Lunch on the other hand is a quick affair, basically just grab a bite and off to work again.

So normally i just grab a bite from the food carts that are available nearby. I do not like bread and hence seldom grab sandwiches. They are more expensive too. I rather take asian food, sound crazy right?

So today lunch i got the following. Fried rice, overcooked broccoli, some pieces of chicken and a nice bottle of coke.


The question is:

How much do you think the above meal cost?

Ok, see you guys soon!

Pitstop Cafe, be part of the fun!


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astroboy said...

A whopping $12.75 USD! 10 USD for food and the rest on the drink!

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