Fantasatic Four (moving on to action genre)

Different people indeed....

Timothy AKA Kimoki

Obsessively preoccupied with aesthetic appeal, can't be bothered with anything else other than making the cafe looks nice and looking nice at the same time. Unceasingly talkative and undeniably crappy. This person is really the scourge of the society! (why am I saying that to myself???)

Famous quote: 'Hey, I think we can look at girls from our balcony....'

XingZhi AKA MuMu

Very hungry and excessively 'gluttonish', she loves to make all the nice ice creams and cakes and food and drinks and ... (stop it! enough!) A true gourmet to its roots, she is an indispensible taste bud to the cafe and also a very friendly and sociable to the point of 'bimboticity'! (you can spot this very interesting species of MuMu in the history section of the NUS)

Famous quote: 'I think I got a very funny looking face'

Evelyn AKA Eve AKA girl girl (to Weekee)

Very systematic and calculative, constantly keeping in check of the finances and also the never ending administrative shit from NEA, PUB, SPF and what have you? Oh yah, did I forget to mention that she is obsessed with hygiene as well?(oh yes, ive bought my insurance policy, so please stop pestering me)

Famous quote: 'I think we must get the diamond system water filter'

Weekee AKA Astroboy AKA boy boy (to Evelyn)

Very meticulous and objective, always strive to do things to pin point accuracy to the point of perfect 'anality'. Always choosing over technical efficiency over any thing else. (yea, these engineers.. eek)

Famous quote: 'we must ensure a very smooth flow! the flow is very important!!!!'

Such is an example of a usual meeting

Weekee pisses Tim off and Tim exasperates Weekee, Evelyn bores Weekee and Weekee irritates Evelyn, XingZhi just remains neutral and Tim disturbs her, Xingzhi runs away and Evelyn Laughs at her. Weekee scolds Evelyn and Evelyn punches him, XingZhi sits in one corner and cry while Tim is at the balcony looking at girls.

God bless these souls.....

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