To feed a starving society (world peace)

Alongside other issues, our main concern was to decide on the 'main pull' of the cafe. We are always in a compromising situation, having to balance between these and that, sacrificing these or that.

Problem 3: To feed a starving society

The lucrative lunch crowd was certainly an enticing one, it was really seductive to hopped onto the bandwagon just like everybody else. And yet, we didnt wanna appear too much like those comic shops where i used to loiter around after school playing magic cards.

In short, a place with good food and good fun.(yet another Singaporean dream)

To feed a starving society part 1: The Boardgames

We did research, as well as a fair bit of 'espionage' to find out more about interesting games that will entertain depraved people like you and me. We then classify the selceted games into categories that will titilate the interest of different groups of people with different fantasies.

The games range from crappy and bimbotic, to 'just throw the dice and see what happens', to 'now that requires some brains', to 'man, this is really mind boggling!'. In short, I myself am amused by the number of games that are available in this world that and even more impressed by how innovative these folks are in invoking interest and fun with just a board, some cards, some dice and some friends.

To feed a starving society part 2: The Food

Hailing from the order of the epicure,with profound interest in gastronomy and gourmet delicacies.. Aiyah, why so chim??? We just love food lah... We wanna make sure that you folks will have a hearty meal before you embark on hours of calories burning activities (trust me, Boardgames burn calories). And yet, we aint no have no restaurant style kitchen that can fulfil the hunger pangs of all ye folks.

After deliberate thought and planning, even days and days of food tasting sessions, we agreed upon a menu that is both efficient and yet not compromising on taste,
and most importantly, remind you of your home cooked food we all so yearn for.
With the help of Waikee's mum, we managed to whip out some palates titilating dishes like spicy and really 'full of spices' curry chicken, sweet and sour soup broiled with mum's secret receipe. (now, these are just the tip of the iceberg, more to come I promise)

Our Mu Mu has also been burning the midnight oil in the midst of her exams....... trying to figure out how to make tasty ice creams, refreshing smoothies and action packed sandwiches.

The rest of us went for a coffee barista course, learned some latte art and also brew some decent coffee.

Having said all that, we decided to start with a few dishes and sufficient games for now, and based on our folk's response (that's you!!), we will slowly add more food and games into the menu.. but for now,

For now, I'm really tired. Gotta go church tommorrow and my language is failing me, you can probably tell that the crappiness is slowly diminishing... i really need to sleep, yea.. good nigh...zzzzzzz

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emu said...


I'm part of the group who was at the cafe on New Year's eve, the first group to attempt the LOTR board game (unsuccessfully).

Just wanna say that we enjoyed our food very much. The chicken cutlet with mango dip is sedap!

Keep up the good work!

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