Hopefully, the hope of a new hopeful hope ( Another George LukeAss film)

aaahhh.....it's a boardgames cafe. well, some felt that we should be more original and devise some ground breaking concept, while others feel that like bubble tea, this fad will be a passe.

After much consideration, we realised that we were not trying to follow any trend nor trying to outdo any pioneers in this industry. We agreed that especially in a country where 'there is nothing much to do' and a society where everyone is so uptight and cutting each other's throat, they should find some time to release all those raging hormones and channel it to more constructive arenas.

we realise that like a frog in the well, most folks have been misled into thinking that the only boardgames in the world are those that keeps making you throw dice mindlessly and lay tiles indiscriminately. Boardgames are more than that. we realise that they open up so many possibilites to creativity, strategy and bitching.

Of course, boardgames by itself is inert. We hope that such long forgotten games that we played during childhood can be relived and reinvented from a totally new perspective. Friends are therefore the key ingredient in injecting that element of limitless possibility of fun. In short, the same game will never be the same with a totally different group of friends.

It is with this vision, we hope to establish a place, a nexus where strangers can become friends, a milieu where great ideas are transpired, a sanctuary where one can seek solace from the uptight world, a playground of pure fun and fantasy and finally, a cafe where everyone are your friends and unaging playmates.

For those who find the above too philosophical, and probably in a language where you folks will understand. So, our cafe is for pple to relac one corner, maybe talk cock sing song a bit, just don't think too much, play the games and enjoy yourself! understand?!?!

so here you go...nothing groundbreaking.... just simply friends and fun....

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