An ode to the bladder (first post is the sweetest)

Looking at the shop today, I was overwhelmed by a sudden urge to go to the toilet.. but the toilet is still not fit for usage. Speaking of the toilet, it really irks me. Wonder what the previous tenant did with the toilet, can't even do my business there in sweet serenity. Whatever, gotta clean it up man.

What a way to start a blog entry, I was told. Pitstop cafe, a place of respite from the hard day's work, a place of cheap and chic fun from semesters of never ending projects and essay. Too free? I was being questioned.Copy cat? I was being sneered at... No common sense? I was being chided. looking at the shop again, montages of what happened for the past months seemed to emerge from the empty paint bottles and splashes itself on the wall as a collage of events all reanacted at the same time in front of my mind's eyes.

At this moment... I really need to go to the toilet.....

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