Sweet dreams are made of these (one night in kopitiam)

A usual 'talk cock' session, a belachan glazed stingray, a plate of 'la-la', a platter of 'hum' and a few rounds of beer makes a perfect cacophony for great ideas to ferment. fermented indeed..... I remembered all the 'cock' we have talked about.. starting a micro-brewery, fantasizing about going to night clubs, discussing about making cakes to win a boy's heart, discussing about making cakes to win the boy's wallet and many other cock that would have you bang our balls against the wall...

It was at this moment of gluttonish debauchery and orgies of loose talks that someone suggested of opening a cafe... ah... yet another idealistic fantasy.. Well, compared to making cakes to win the blah blah blah,this is pale in comparison. Anyway, the idea of opening a cafe seems feasible but is it worth the trouble? half of us were still studying, while the other half were busy working and getting married soon. sacrifices were involved and opportunity costs were inevitable, however at this point in time, the feasibilty of owning our own cafe have gotten us so excited and not to mention, a bit high and ......wasted... cafe indeed... what kinda cafe? Even then, how do we get started? I guessed at that night, different dreams occured in the minds of each one of us...... Some dreams of having a bit more money in the pocket, some dreams of fulfilling their destiny in life,some dreams of being able to eat up all the ice cream while some people's dreams are wet.....

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