To find the G-Spot ( or perhaps documentary?)

Such 'fruitful' meeting lasted for months and surprisingly, this quartet still mananged to get on with their entrepreneurial zest without losing a limb or two, the balls or Mu.(what the hell is a Mu??!!? check it out in the history section of the.....)The process is really very very draining, so difficult, so irritating.

Problem 1:Where is the G-Spot?

G-Spot: A Good Spot for the cafe(haha, what do you think it was?).

It was really difficult looking for one, there were really strategic places in town going for a 5 digit rental fee and there were also dodgy areas smelling of curry and mutton. There were enticing areas which were near the CBD, but it's those sort of places that will turn Coffee Bean into Kopi beans.

In short, it was really difficult to balance between having a good location, an appropriate crowd, a positive image with a limited budget. Well, in the classic Singaporean Way, ' Cheap and Good!'. In a more peculiar local vernacular, ' Ai Pi, Ai Qi, Ai Tua Liap Ni!'* (Don't make me translate this)

*The Singaporean Dream

I found the G-Spot!!!!

I feel so bad rejecting all the agents that I have met, we felt so discouraged not fulfilling the Singaporean dream. It was at the moment of despair when I, without any hope, carried out my usual routine of meeting another agent and rejecting him thereafter.

This agent, unlike the others was very proactive. And I was impressed that he actually bothered to entertain a young punk like me! (well, if you were the agent, you probably wouldn't be bothered if your client turn out like such a freak)Anyway, Thanks Raymond for your help! (wanna sell house, call him! 90283201)

But things just happened when we least expected it.

Circular road being more widely known as Boat quay, seems to be quite a strategic location. But, BUT, it is at the 3rd floor. Folks have to climb up a long flight of stairs before they can reach the place. It seems commonsensical that situating a cafe at the 3rd storey, where most of the shops are targeting the lunch crowd is almost an insane decision. (Well, I've heard that too many times)

We thought that for a business to thrive, location is just one of the influencing factors, not just the only factor. However, this place is one of the few shop houses with a balcony which behold the majestic view of the towering skyscrapers and the romantic night skies. Furthermore, resisting the all pervasive 'Mcdonalisation', we decided to focus on a more exclusive bunch of folks who appreciates a lifestyle which is ' a cut above the rest'(certainly, when you are sitting on the 3rd floor), a respite which is devoid of the cutthroat and uptight atmosphere.

Just as the name suggests, this is Pitstop cafe. A stopover for your tiring journey in this ratrace. Everything is slow and steady, fun and friendly.

It is really RIGHT up here!!!

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HY said...

just curious, how much capital was needed to start up?

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