10 Funny Bumper Stickers!

Some funny bumper stickers i saw in a shop and hope it put a smile to your face

  1. A NICE ASS should be seen Not heard
  2. I'm Not Stupid, I'm Hard of Thinking
  3. Sometimes you just Gotta Say "What the Fuck?"
  4. I User Up All My Sick Days, So I Called In Dead
  5. Jesus Love You, Everyone Else Thinks You're An Asshole
  6. If Size Doesn't Matter, How Come I'm So Popular?
  7. How Do I Spell Relief? F-A-R-T
  8. Men are Idiots and I Married their King
  9. Life's All About Ass. Covering it, Kicking it, Kissing it or Trying to Get It
  10. If I Wanted to Hear from an Asshole, I'd FART

Pitstop Cafe, putting a smile to your face...



timothy Boay said...

I think these Americans are quite corny... thats it for them lah..their brain's screwed already.... Long live asians!!!

eve said...

I like point no. 5. Its so funny! =)

timothy Boay said...

Realise 5 out of 10 of those bumper stickers are either about fart or ass... its really no wonder that Americans have such big ass... really huge... supersize ass..

astroboy said...

i guess it definitely depend on where you are. Looking at the college folks here for the convention, it is much better than expected :P

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