Got Lucky

Due to the new fetish evenings we had started, some software changes are needed to handle the discounts, etc. While working on it, i kinda of add a new feature. What it does is that base on your receipt amount, it will generate a couple of "lucky digits". We are still thinking what to do with those numbers, perhaps it could be lucky draw, etc. So i generate the receipt to make sure the software is working...

See the random lucky digits? its 5338

Seem like a nice number, so i bought 10 small, 10 big for 4D. To my surprise, i saw this in the evening newspaper!

Its 3rd prize!

Sibei heng! Like that also ganna third prize. Now we can really get started on all those plans mention here. I wonder how much i ganna, heard should be quite decent...

Get lucky at Pitstop Cafe!



astroboy said...

yah i know, though a day late. I still like to say Happy Belated April Fools Day! :P

Anonymous said...


your nose become longer liao lor did you realise? LOL.....


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