True Blue NUS Arts Students

Me and Mumu decided to go on a date after months of dry spell,

Mumu heard lots bout Maple story and its mushrooms as well.

Said she wanted to try,

And off we went to cineleisure level 9

where there was some kinda place filled with Maxonlines.

Paid 3 bucks an hour, and spent more than half the time

signing up for an account and figuring out how this line would rhyme.

So confused were we,

that the attendant took us pity.

Sign in using her account,

otherwise Mumu would look so down.

we spent the next half an hour or so,

beating up snails and looking for the bow.

5 mins left and we finally saw the mushroom,

we tried whacking it, but it strike us back and resulted in our doom.

So much for the date, and technology is so confusing

I rather play boardgames at pitstop, lest its not so embarassing.


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