True Blue Pitstoppers

3 months have past and Pitstop cafe had our share of weird customers, difficult customers, rich customers and even...

no customers.

But what kept us going on despite strong competition from both sides are customers who strongly believed in us and loved our place that kept our passion fuelling.

they make every game seem so fun...

Take for example, this bunch of fools, i mean this bunch of folks who call themselves 'the latecomers', they have been regularly patronising us since the first day we opened. And they have been faithfully patronsing and filling the cafe with fun, laughter, joy and...
smashed glasses..

even crappy ones..

of course, there are other loyal pitstoppers as well. (Folks!you know who you are!) But this entry is dedicated for them.
Because they are just so mysterious and they really make me wonder...

How do 4 couples managed to maintain contact and meet up almost every week?

How do they get to know each other?

What do they do?

Why are they always so late?

It really makes me wonder. So, latecomers, if you happen to come across this entry. Maybe you can do a short write up of your mysterious background, so that we can stop discussing and making speculations everytime after you all left.

Their dinosaur swallowed up Timo's cat!

Everyone of them has special abilities, can draw, can talk cock, can eat ice cream, can squeak, and even perform magic...

Anyway, Kudos to you guys! and all ye loyal pitstoppers. Keep the faith, something you have been waiting and asking for a long time is finally here.

And it's time for us to show you our deepest gratitudes.


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