Vote for Joy!

It always feels great to see regular faces at the cafe. The more you see them, the more you get to know them. It feels cosy to be able to walk up to a customer, address him or her by name and generally chat about their happenings.

Gwen and Joy are one of those folks that drops by pretty regulary at the cafe to study in the afternoon. Perhaps it is the generation gap which is why i find it interesting to find out about the activites they are up to.

For example, Joy is taking part in some speech competition and it was fun to chat with her and talk cock about the topics that will make good speech material, etc. Joy if you are reading this, one of these days you must do a live speech at the cafe ok!

Anyway Joy is currently running for a Counsellor position in her school, Innova Junior College. She will need to get people to vote for her, something similar like an election just that she is not giving out any progress packages or doing any upgradings. She has a very nice badge though that kinda of say "Vote for Joy!"

Very tall Gwen and shorter Joy...

This is Joy, always full of smiles!

I think she is a very sweet and cheerful girl and she will make a good counsellor. So if anyone of you from Innova Junior College or have any friends that are in there, do get them to give Joy a vote ok!

So will we have a lift up to the cafe?


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