What is nanotechnology?

So what exactly is nanotechnology? It is the buzzword in recent years so let astroboy the nerdy engineer shed abit of light on the world of nanotechnology. Nanotechnology is about scaling things down to the nano level. Some real life examples...

  1. When you see a nice big hamburger on the poster but when you buy it, the real one is so small that you can finish in one bite, that is nanotechnology
  2. When you put in alot of effort in your preparation in your exams but in the end still get a sucky result that is nanotechnology
  3. When a woman front looks big at first but shrink after taking off the bra, that is nanotechnology
  4. When 5 bucks can get you a mcdonald meal in Singapore and you need to pay 10 bucks for the same thing, that is nanotechnology
  5. When a FuFu gets large after constant motion but subsequently shrink upon vomitting, that is nanotechnology

Ok lar enough rubbish, nanotechnology in general means The science and art of making devices that are smaller in scale than MEMS (MicroElectroMechanicalSystems) often at a molecular size, generally fabricated by chemical processes that result in the growth or formation of certain useful structures.

Here is an interesting read on nanotechnology

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What's MEMS?

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