Who exactly is Mum?

Folks that drop by at Pitstop Cafe know that we have this item "Mum's Special" and most of the time they would ask what is Mum's special for the day. On certain days we do have it, while other days the response could be mum's not around or mum's out for mahjong session, or simply mum's not in the mood...

Is mum is real person or just a fictional character? Or is Mum's special just a gimmick to make the food sound good? Well the answer is Mum's special is really homemade cooking by mum, who happens to be astroboy's mother or perhaps we can term her as AstroMum.

Guess who is AstroMum?

AstroMum and her sister AstroAunt
AstroMum can be really FIERCE at times...

new pix 050
When comes to cooking, you won't want to mess with AstroMum

Anyway AstroMum enjoys cooking and is always experimenting with different stuff. She make pretty decent sushi as well but i guess her forte still lies in spicy stuff since she made and grind most of her secret chilli paste herself.

AstroMum's yummy curry

But of course when there is a mahjong session, cooking had to take a second place and that kinda of explain the inavailability of mum's special on Saturday. Anyway with the long weekend coming up, i been perstering my mum to cook something nice. Although she is pretty piss off with me about this, she is nice to agree on the sake of the cafe to prepare some delicious yam cakes for this week.

Upcoming Mum's Special...

For those who like yam, you really got to try this. Cos it really different from most yam cake outside. AstroMum really take the effort to make great yam cakes. All the cutting, mixing,etc is quite a bit of work. She always mix the yam cakes with a generous amount of mushrooms and dried shrimps. Added with her own concoction of chilli sauce, it is really good stuff. So check it out at Pitstop Cafe over this long weekend.

Thanks mum aka AstroMum!

On a side note, eve always say that i should not let people know that i am her hubby and scare away all her "secret admirers", but then when there are group of nice girls in the cafe, mum is introduce as her mother-in-law.....



Anonymous said...

Mumu speaks

...I am so envious of evelyn...at least her presence is acknowledged by astroboy...while I am objectified by timon(not sexually at least ppl wonder but reduced to a non-living thing) *sobz..sobz*

mfonet said...

AstroMum's home made otah is good too!!!

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