Pay for Water?

In response to a recent newspaper article about how customers were pissed bout' restaurants and cafes not servin tap water.

I heard some places is going at 12 bucks per bottle...

we had similar experiences at a coffee club in Orchard. They stopped serving plain water, I guess cuz' folks have been hoggin' to their seats and just drinking plain water the whole damn day.

It's just like those folks who spent eons reading books and magazines at borders and not buying them

or even folks who tested the cds at HMV and buy it at their neighbourhood CD shop.

Now, whatever it is.

No matter how smart you are,

or crafty or cheapo

the bottom line is this:

Pitstop cafe has found the perfect way to solve all this unhappiness and conflicts.
We still serve plain water...
*clap clap clap*

with ice...

with a tinge of lemon for a refreshing feel...

in a nice blue glass.
*encore encore*

Pitstop cafe, We serve you plain water.



alfred said...

Rights to WATER! Rights to WATER! Haha...

Anonymous said...

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