The Monkey, The Gorilla and Jazz

There was this man that had a monkey and he took the monkey to the bar. While the owner was drinking, the monkey jump down the bar and drink a shot out of a customer glass. The bartender of course was unhappy and he shout "Hey look what your monkey is doing". The man replied "No problem, i'll pay for it".

Then the monkey jump onto the pool table and swallow down 2 cue balls. This man has no choice but to pay for it. He finish his drink and grab the monkey out the bar. Then the next day, the man bring the monkey to the bar. The monkey jump down and went for a customer cocktail. It took the cherry from the cocktail, stuff it up the ass, pull it out and ate it. The bartender shouted to the owner and the owner replied "No problem, i'll pay for it".

The bartender said "No what i meant was that he stuff the cheery up its ass first and then took it out and ate it!"

The man replied, "Ya that is what he has been doing now after swallowing the 2 cue balls last night...."

Ok here is another one...

There was this news on the TV that a gorilla had ran away from the zoo, anyone see the gorilla should call the zoo. A man heard a sound on the roof and sure enough he saw the gorilla. He made the call to the zoon and within minutes the zookeeper arrived at the scene with a ladder, a big fierce dog, a pole and a shotgun.

So the man asked "What are you going to do?". The zookeeper repiled, "Ok here is the plan. I am using the ladder to climb up the roof. Then i will use the pole to tip the gorilla over the roof. The moment the gorilla lose the balance and falls off the roof, the dog is trained to go and bite the balls. This will make the gorilla paralayse from the pain."

"Ok then what is the shotgun for?" the man asked.

"If the gorilla tips me off the roof instead, shot the damm dog!"

Here are some jokes we were sharing at a jazz bar called the Elephant Bar down here in the town of Austin. Seem like Austin is known for its live band music. The jazz sound not bad. Then again, i never knew how to appreciate jazz at all so i can't tell if they are good or bad in the first place. Jazz to me sound so random, there don't seem to be a begining or an end or where is the chorus. It sound pretty chaotic at time. It just seem like everyone are playing random notes on different instruments.

How do you really appreciate jazz or it just sound good to jazz lover? Or what exactly is Jazz music? African American music?

Anyway if you were to tell a joke, what will the joke be? Share with us!

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