Sights of San Francisco

A short entry sharing some sights of San Francisco...

Had been travelling to all those ulu areas for a couple of months, this time round been located in the downtown of San Francisco (SF) is indeed a welcome change! The place is pack with visitors and for some unknown reasons, the hotel i was in was swarm with college students. It was really nice eye candies as those college folks has closer resemblance to what you see in the "OC" or perhaps "Smallville" rather than the usual "Upsize Me" folks.

Swarm of college students!

The room i got has a nice view too!

A pool right outside, where are the trunks when you need them!

As the hectic schedule only kick start tommorrow, i joined my working folks in a walk around the city in an attempt to fight off the jetlag.

The electric trams remains a popular way to get up those steep slopes of SF

There are really lots of shops and restaurants around...

This shop sells lots of old collectable stuff

This place known as Boudin Bakery is interesting. It is very popular for what is known as sourdough bread and it looks delicious as they make a soup bowl using it and serve it with clam chowder. In fact it seem like SF is well known for it. Did not manage to try it though.

Baskets of fresh dough transported around via the conveyor belt

This is interesting, first time see a cat been used to get donation.
It is quite a fat cat though....

It can be quite tough walking around the city as the upslopes can be really steep!

Steep sloooope!

The cars has to actually travel zig zag to come down from this particular slope

In the picture below, you can see the island of Alcatraz. It used to be a prison but has now been converted to a visitor attraction and was the actual screening location of the movie "The Rock" staring Nicholas Cage and Sean Connery.

The island of Alcatraz also known as the Rock

The hectic schedule will start tomorrow.
Timo and Mumu hope you guys are doing well for exams, really sorry to be away at this period of time. Good luck for your exams and see you guys soon!

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ohojoe said...

Hi Astroboy, Eve didnt tell me u gg SF else I would tell u what u MUST eat in SF=>the clam chowder in Fisherman's Wharf!!!There is also a zig-zag road, think quite famous but I didnt manage to go....Enjoy

astroboy said...

yup have that for dinner today...the zig zag road is actually in one of the photos in the entry, just not too clear though...

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