Dummy guide from City Hall (Scholar edition)

I was pleased to find out that retarded as it seems, some folks actually find the dummy guides to pitstop cafe interesting, informative and amusing..

Lo and behold, this time round it will be a more educational/scholarly version..

Anyway folks, be it you come from SMU or city hall, follow this.. you wouldn't go wrong. It is a nice scenic route and just a short walk away...

Upon exiting City hall towards the Funan side, you should be able to see this entrance..

once again, my greatest apologies for not doing it the classic dummy way.


St Andrew’s Cathedral,which is on the left is a distinctive and elegant institution in the heart of the civic district. Designed by Colonel Ronald MacPherson in 1856, it replaced the original church which was destroyed by two lightning strikes in 1852.

Just walk straight down the path and..


on your right you should see Funan centre..with seven levels of shops carrying merchandise so varied and diverse, will definitely make even the most discerning shopper come back for more. Because this is where they can find three levels of information technology and computer; and another devoted to fashionwear and the most advanced audio - visual equipment.


Walk on and you will see a bridge and slight upfront will be the Parliment house.


if yer tired can just hop on the trishaw for just 2 bucks a trip... if not, this is kinda like an unofficial taxi stand as well..

To your left, you'll see Boat Quay..ahh..though we are located at circular road, which is just right behind, but nonetheless, the distinctive characteristic of this waterfront establishment is one of the major plus point of where Pitstop cafe is located.

Below is an abstract from Singapore Tourism Board:

'If the mouth of the Singapore River is considered the birthplace of modern Singapore, then Boat Quay is the mother of the Singapore entertainment scene. In the late 1980s to early 1990s, it gave class to riverside dining when good taste once meant being ensconced in a hotel grillroom or grand Chinese restaurant.

The restored shophouses now host a motley mix of restaurants offering Chinese, Indian, Indonesian, Thai, Italian and other international cuisine. There are also cafes, pubs, bars and karaoke lounges.

Boat Quay is the after-work watering hole for professionals and expatriates from the adjoining Raffles Place financial district. As the evening wears on, the dinner crowd takes over and finally, the younger set of clubbers party into the wee hours, especially at weekends.

For centuries, rice barges (tongkang) plied the waterways; today, bumboats serve as water taxis, ferrying passengers up and down river.'

(http://www.singaporecanlah.com/singapore_today/boat_quay/last surfed on 7 April 2006)

walking on further will be what is unofficially termed as the 'air con alley'


this is a very unique local lanscape.. what used to be shophouses and warehouses evolved to adapt to the modern uses. Adaptive Reuse, according to Urban Redevelopment Board (URA)b allows all conservative shophouses to suit to modern uses. However, the facade must still remain the same and architecture alterations must be applied and vetted. That's why you see all the aircons and air vents hidden behind


Now this is Circular road... we are almost there..just look out for 14B..


And here you are..Pitstop Cafe

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