A Pink and White Affair (to be continued...)

We had a great birthday party today at Pitstop Cafe. As usual, Pitstop Crew always try to make the event as special and memorable for those who hold events at our cafe. We are really happy to know the folks came and had a good time and enjoyable evening at Pitstop Cafe. More coverage of the event later...

Whats happening at Pitstop Cafe???

Anyway on the side note, we had a nice surprise. We got an encouraging write up on our blog at this site.

Excerpt from the blog entry

I wish I were as hip as these four nuts! Their posts crack me up and have made the Pitstop Cafe a "must visit" on my next trip to Singapore to become a "Pitstopper."

Personally i think the article was touching not because it shows that we have a great blog site or whatsoever, but rather because someone can feel and be part of growth of our cafe even though he is half a globe away!

Pitstop Cafe, 呼吸呼吸 (breathe out, breathe in, breathe out, breathe in)....


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