Pitstop Crew goes Chomp Chomp

After a rewarding Sunday of entertaining folks and pleasing fellow Pitstoppers,

We decided to reward ourself with a sumptious late night dinner at Chomp Chomp..

So much for selling western food, I guess culture is still a very important factor to consider in a business..


oooh....so orgasmic

There was this particular store which sells the Adam road prawn mee. We decided to order the crab soup at $12/-, the eggs of the crab coupled with the aromatic and tantalising herbal soup was really gratifying.

Oh, another thing. Despite being herbal and all, the uncle was still kind enough to refill our bowl of herbal soup again and again... some place ask them for a cup of water also make so much noise.. we must learn from uncle.

I guess, the rest is silence as a few pictures paint a thousand words:

Pitstop crew is really deprived of 'normal' life

The hawkers thought we were from Makansutra.. more like 'Sua Ku' (mountain tortoise) everything also must take picture..

We were so stoned after the meal, can't move. didn't know if it was the free flow herbal soup or the humongous sugar cane drink or was it the crab eggs...

However, what that didn't made the meal complete was..


Yes, do join us when we have similar outing next time!!!


Pitstop Cafe, really a different thang


Anonymous said...

I don't think you should generalize by saying that singaporean still love the food at hawker centres and kopitiam. Have you done any market research? I suppose this is merely your own opinion. Although internet offers a space for freedom of speech but I still think you should not just generalize and make such a comment.

astroboy said...

The comment was done mainly be certain observations, the crowd, etc. It is similar to comments like Singaporean like to eat or Singaporean like to travel. Just a suggestion, even if you see statements made with market research, do read it and analysis it on your own. Market research may not always reflect the true situation.

Anyway, the above statement Timo made was base on a market research of 5 Singaporean, age from 20-30, looking for supper after missing their dinner...

DK said...

Wah piang. You mean everything we say in blog must be backed by a market research paper?

Do we need to interview some profs from NUS or NTU? Then need to compare the market trend in 1960s and now?

We blogger, not reporters.

And blogs are for personal opinion.

another busybody said...

hahaha pitshop bengs tio pwned!

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