AstroMum, Yo ah Yo...

AstroMum must be in a really good mood after beating all of us in 2 rounds of Yahtzee! Despite her blurness and inability to totally comprehend the strategy of the game, we totally lose out to her luck.

For both games she manage to get Yahtzee. Yahtzee is means having 5 of the same number on all 5 dices and you are only given 3 rolls to get it. In short it is really difficult to get it and when you get it, you sure feel high!

Uncle Simon, Auntie Emily and Auntie Lilian drop by the cafe and had a game with her too but all got burnt by her sheer luck as well.

Auntie Emily commented "Not nice to play lar, your mum must be at the cafe whole day yo and yo the dice is it?!!"

AstroMum, really gao yo...


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