Sauteed Ping Pongs

Now, for all ye folks who have been faithfully staying tune to the Pitstop blog. We introduce you yet another innovative idea exclusive to Pitstop Cafe only!

Sauteed Ping Pongs?

Come to Pitstop cafe and behold a vase full of ping pong balls. Orange and White balls, all seating comfortably with tin scribblings all over. Now what is it?

Tired of the same o' survey form and what have you. We launched our one and only survey ping pongs! Simple as that:

1) you like us, grab the orange ball and tell us how much you love this place
2)eh.. more improvements for Pitstop cafe to be your ultimate cafe, grab the white ball and tell us what YOU want us to do


Yea, lastly write yer name and contact number. for what?

Yet another interesting innovation! every fortnightly, we will look thru the balls and pick out the one with the most innovative and realistic suggestion! Lo and Behold, this folk and his friends will get a very mysterious treat from us!

Pitstop Cafe, beyond conventions..... simply out of this world.

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