if you are at Pitstop cafe, you would have spotted a black bounded book titles 'Life before Pitstop Cafe'.

Egocentric it may seem, but the book really captures the youth, the playfulness, the non-chalance, the care free days of the four of us.

Looking at the book again merely reminded us the sacrifice that we have made, commitments that we have to forgo and the lifestyles we have to adapt to.

out in the sea, sun tanning and fishing

Enjoying a simple meal together

Massage by the beach...

What we have done so far is to transfer those energy to our cafe, we hope that despite stiff competition, the unforgiving society, the dog eat dog world, Pitstop Cafe can remain because of the passion of four young folks

and most importantly,

the many folks who have keeped the faith and have supported in one way or another.

So people who are reading this. Be it out of curiousity, coincidence or chance. Don't just read, do make your physical presence with us at Pitstop cafe and you will realise that

your experience with us is really unmatchable as it is one which..

comes straight from the heart.



Chuang Shyue Chou said...

I am just wondering if you aware of the Meetup websites? The Singapore Boardgames meetups?

astroboy said...

yup..we are aware but just that we have been quite occupied so we had not gone for any for it yet.

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