Tiring but Well Fed

Warning, a long whinning entry...

Been in San Francisco for a couple of days, it has really been tiring. Days start at 7 am and normally end with dinner that stretch till 11 pm. It has been good exposure because of the opportunity to work with people who are more experience in what they do and hence you get to learn from them.

I guess sometime you got to be carefull on what you wish for. Previously i was complaining that the lack of travel is making my life boring and how i hope i got more chance to expose myself. My wish kinda of got it and since Decemeber last year i have been to the state for 5 time and it seem like i might be schedule for another trip a week after i am back from this trip. It is really tiring. Of course there are perks too, your flyer miles, good food and wine if you are travelling with the right party, etc.

But i guess this is the irony part. When i get what i want i complain, i don't get what i want i also complain. Something must be wrong with me...

Something for tonight dinner, salmon on top of japanese rice

It is funny here cos even for fish they ask if you want to do it rare, medium or well done. Medium rare turns out pretty well for salmon.

Dessert nicely presented

The desserts looks excellent in terms of presentation and i guess this is something we can learn to make our ice cream more sexy! I just have the tart and leave the rest, kinda of wasteful though. Dinner has been great with really good selection of wine, but i think the price is really way too high. Appetitiser is around 15, main course at 25, dessert another 10 and a bottle of wine at 200. This easily work out to be a 100 per pax just for dinner. I guess i am just lucky this time to be around someone who knows how to entertain.

I have an interesting thought though. Would you prefer a job that pays pretty average but you get to travel alot (which is extremely tiring), get exposure and get entertained in good food and wine OR have a higher pay but pretty routine and regular job?

I am still sitting on the fence on this question. Will you be more practical to try to get a higher paid job in exchange for the exposure?

Will be off to Texas, got to endure a couple more days and its home sweet home!


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cityhermit said...

I think it depends on what kind of exposure you get overseas. I do not have the opportunities to travel on job but from what I always hear from friends who travel, they don't like it, as in what you are experiencing now.

Usually when you are travelling, the schedule is very tight, and you can't really enjoy it. I will chose to have a higher pay job in exchange for the overseas exposure.

If I ask will you spend the $100 on a dinner, or you rather save 60% of it and invest in Pitstop? Pretty obvious right? No? 8-)

But of course, there is always a possibility that even if you don't spend the $100 on dinner, you still won't get that money... that's another story...heh heh

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