Mirror, mirror on the wall...

Who is the ah pei in the wall??!!

This is it! I am greying! I normally don't spend alot time on the mirror and mostly very bochup in how i look. However as this trip is an exhibition, i need to be in tie and suit daily and so spend more time on the mirror to make sure i look clean and neat.

To my shock i spot this silver patch at the side of my head. Tons of white hairs! I am not sure if it is the work or my diet or lack of exercise. One thing i know for sure is I don't want to be astro ah pei!

i had to get back to Pitstop Cafe soon, immerse myself in the smiles, joy and laughter of the Pitstoppers, suck their souls and rejuvenate my youth!

Pitstop Cafe, rejuvenating your youth

Anyway it has been a long week and i can't wait to get back home. See you guys soon!


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