Ice cream makes people happy!

Due to the popular ice cream buffet, they have swept out most of our existing stock and hence we make another order and this time we bring in more new flavors! Check out our ice cream list for the current selection of ice cream flavors.

They are always so happy when comes to ice cream "testing" time!

The new flavors cookies and chip as well as hokey pokey is really good. Personally i like hokey pokey which is actually butterscotch mixed with vanilla. It is not too sweet and you just want to keep eating it! It goes really well with a nice shot of expresso.

Try out our espresso affagatto, goes really well with hokey pokey flavor!

Anyway, don't forget that we are having our ice cream buffet this evening. So drop by and try out all these new flavours! Yah mum also told me that she is cooking nice big prawns for today mum's special...

Pitstop Cafe, always something new!


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